About Artipelag

The architecture

The building is comparable in size to Sweden’s largest state-owned museums and art exhibition institutions.  Despite this, architect Johan Nyrén has managed to design a building in harmony with the natural surroundings, dressed in bevelled pitched-pine planks, and carefully located between the pine trees and the cliffs with a view over Baggen’s Bay. One of the fundamental ideas was that as soon as a visitor came into the entrance hall, he or she would be met by the four elements: fire crackling in the fireplace; earth and the rock on which the building rests; the clear air and the sparkling water that surrounds and frames the site.

Artipelag has much to offer for those who are interested in nature and architecture: the walkway leading up to the Sedum-plant-covered roof, the huge rock in the restaurant, and the beautiful sloping walls of the smaller art rooms. Many believe that Johan Nyrén, with his last work, will make international architectural history.

Artipelag was the late architect Johan Nyrén’s last creation. Here he describes his thoughts and visions.